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Mirador Software, Inc., based in Atlanta, Ga., USA, specializes in the reverse engineering of legacy industrial control system components.   Mirador offers, under license, field-proven, PC-based emulators and simulators for replacement of Intecolor 8800 series industrial terminals, Aydin 5200 series display generators, Rosemount RMV9000 operator stations, and other legacy hardware.   In addition, Mirador provides reverse engineering and software development services to the industrial control market.


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About Mirador Software

Mirador Software was formed in 2001 by an individual with almost 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of industrial computer and display products, acquired as an employee of Intecolor Corporation and subsequently of Rockwell Automation.

While at Intecolor, Mirador's founder was the principle developer of what would become Mirador's first and best-known product, the PC8800 emulator.   PC8800 was first released by Intecolor in 1991 as a DOS-based application.   Intecolor marketed the software mainly as an adjunct to its industrial PC line.   The product proved to have wide appeal among users of older generation Intecolor terminal products, of which there was a very large installed base scattered throughout the world.   Then, in 1996, Rockwell Automation acquired the software, along with other Intecolor assets.   Rockwell continued to market PC8800 under the Intecolor brand label through September of 2001, when it announced its discontinuance of the Intecolor brand and sales channel.   At that time, Mirador's founder purchased the rights to PC8800 from Rockwell and formed Mirador Software, Inc. in order to be able to continue offering the software to the market as a stand-alone product.

Since that time, Mirador has made significant improvements in PC8800, introduced a number of additional PC-based emulator and simulator products and built up significant reverse engineering and development capabilities -- all focused on providing solutions to maintenance problems associated with legacy industrial control system hardware.   Mirador's products and capabilities have attracted customers in all parts of the world.

Mirador is a privately held company incorporated in the state of Georgia and is a veteran-owned small business concern.


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